VoiceLine Offers Low-Cost Faxing!

VoiceLine customers can send and receive faxes from
their InnoMedia MTA XT 6328-2Re telephone adapter.

No special plans or subscriptions are required!

Another Way to Save

  • VoiceLine now enables you to send and receive
    low-cost faxes worldwide.
  • Faxes can be sent and received under your
    current plan – no additional charges apply.
  • By activating a second line, you can even
    speak on the phone while sending or receiving
    a fax.

InnoMedia MTA XT 6328-2Re
(Telephone adapter with router)

How it Works

  • Simply connect a fax machine to a phone port on
    the InnoMedia MTA XT 6328-2Re that is associated
    with a calling plan.
  • If you frequently send/receive faxes or wish to
    speak on the phone while faxing, you can add a
    second calling plan and use both ports

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* You will need approximately 70 Kbps of bandwidth for sending and up to 90 Kbps for receiving faxes. For simultaneous fax/phone calls, you will need between 100 and 170 Kbps.