Europe Plan Suite


Plan Name and Description Price/Month
Almost Unlimited inbound minutes and 350 minutes to Europe: Destinations include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany. Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Vatican City. Cellular locations are not in plan. Calls to U.S. and Canada are included in the plan (including cellular destinations) $14.99 USD
500 minutes to Europe $19.99 USD
Europe Almost Unlimited $39.99 USD
France Almost Unlimited – includes CA, US and France Fixed Lines only $29.99 USD
Almost Unlimited Inbound and Almost Unlimited Outbound calls to US, Canada, China Hong Kong, and Europe (calls to Europe cell phones not included) $44.99 USD
Almost Unlimited calls to Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia land lines. Low out of plan calling rates to Croatia mobile locations. $24.99 USD
Eastern Europe 1000 $39.99 USD
Eastern europe 500 $19.99 USD
EU/US/CA Almost Unlimited + France mobile 1000 $59.99 USD
Calling to EU member countries (land lines) as well as Almost Unlimited calling US and Canada. Plan also includes 500 minutes to France Mobile. $39.99 USD
Europe + Gibraltar Almost Unlimited $44.99 USD
Europe/Turkey 350 $19.99 USD
Portugal Almost Unlimited $59.99 USD
Western Europe and Russia Almost Unlimited $49.99 USD