Net2Phone VoiceLine

VoiceLine enables broadband users to save on both outbound and inbound calls with a variety of flexible calling plans.

With the Net2Phone VoiceLine service, you can:

  • Save on worldwide calls with an assortment of flexible calling plans
  • Enjoy a variety of popular calling features
  • Benefit from having telephone numbers from different countries

Flexible Calling Plans

VoiceLine is a pre-paid VoIP service that enables you to save on both inbound and outbound calling, including faxing.

Flexible calling plans designed to meet the needs of residential and small business customers all over the world include:

  • Unlimited calling plans (inbound and outbound)
  • Fixed / “bucket of minutes” calling plans
  • A pay as you go model

With VoiceLine, you’ll also receive a number of popular calling features such as:

VoiceMail (can even be accessed on-line)
Caller ID
Call waiting
Reach me
Call return
Speed dial
Variety of Telephone Numbers
Automatic callback
Anonymous call blocking
Call forwarding
Call transfer
3-way calling
Do not disturb

Now you can benefit from having a telephone number from a different country, no matter where you reside.

You can choose a telephone number from various countries, including:

• Argentina • Australia • Austria • Bahrain • Belgium • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • Croatia • Cyprus • Denmark • El Salvador • Estonia • Finland • France • Greece • Hungary • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Poland • Mexico • Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Pakistan • Panama • Peru • Puerto Rico • Romania • Singapore • Slovakia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • U.K.

For example, if you have friends, family and/or business contacts in New York, you can select a New York telephone number and your contacts can call you without incurring long distance charges.

Multiple Ways to Save

To start using VoiceLine, broadband users would connect a regular phone to the InnoMedia MTA 6328-2Re VoIP telephone adapter.

And, VoiceLine travels with you since your phone will ring wherever your telephone and adapter or smartphone app are connected to the Internet.

Even if you don’t have access to the Internet, you can place calls from any telephone at low calling card rates.

To start saving today, please contact us at
customerservice(at) or by phone at 416-993-6172.